4-Layer Simulations LLC
Providing tools and services for the ns-3 network simulator.


download 4Layer Modeler

use Nephel3.com


Our products consist of the 4Layer Modeler tool and the Nephel3.com service.

4Layer Modeler is a Java-based tool for graphically constructing Internet system models that can then be simulated using ns-3.

Nephel3.com is a cloud-based service for machine-generating ns-3 simulation program code for models constructed using 4Layer Modeler.

Using 4Layer Modeler with Nephel3.com facilitates the composition of ns-3 simulation programs. It can help new ns-3 users or students to get started with using ns-3. It can also help more experienced ns-3 users with the development of larger or more complex ns-3 simulation scenarios. To get started, see our Quick Start Guide and Quick Start Video.

The present releases of 4Layer Modeler and Nephel3.com are offered as Preview versions.